NH Green Hotel

The Hampshire Inn and Conference Center is striving to help the environment with our Go Green Environment Program. Our hotel room suites are taking "green" to a new level from our ceilings to our floors to the exterior of our hotel.

During the next couple of years we will be completely re-modeling and renovating all of our suites. Our new premium rooms have newly installed Eco friendly flat screen televisions that use more than 20% less electricity. When we changed the carpets in the remodeled premium rooms we not only used FHA, Green Label Certified carpet, we also chose carpet that exceeds the Carpet and Rug Institute's Indoor Air Quality carpet cushion testing program. Our new carpets and thick padding create a cleaner room environment, provide a great sound insulator, are hypoallergenic, and help improve our energy efficiency. Our newly painted walls are beautiful to see and we used the latest technology in zero VOC paint to help improve the air quality and are environmentally preferred.

In addition to our remodel we are making daily noticeable improvements to our operations to help sustain the environment. We have installed new energy efficient light bulbs that use 75% less energy and last ten times longer than regular light bulbs. Blue Recycling bins have been placed in all of our rooms along with regular trash bins to promote recycling of cans, plastic bottles, newspapers and cardboard. When we have a large enough quantity we take them to the town of Seabrook's Recycling Center. At all of our meetings we provide recycling containers for our business guest to use during their functions. We also have implemented a towel reuse program to allow guests to determine whether or not they would like their towels replaced by our staff. To improve the hotel's water consumption we are also installing new high efficiency showerheads in all of our suites.

Our commitment to helping the environment has been shared by our suppliers and guests. Our hotel and conference center have been purchasing recycled paper materials and partnering with organizations that share our values for long term sustainable environmental policies. We look forward to completing our remodel project and helping sustain our great environment for years to come. In addition to all of the programs we have implemented within our four walls we also are committed to planting at least 10 trees per year in the great state of New Hampshire either near the seacoast in Seabrook or in the mountains in beautiful North Conway where our sister hotel Merrill Farm Resort is located.