NH Business Functions
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NH Business Functions

A recent conversation was overheard at the Hampshire Inn and Conference Center about NH Business Functions between the event planner and the company's chief executive.

Event Planner: How is the meeting going?

Chief Executive: Oh, Great, thanks. You did a great job putting this all together. Nice Work.

Event Planner: Thank you. I thought this conference center would work well for us. I know the central location was good for us because we had people traveling from all over Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire to attend our NH Business Function.

Chief Executive: Yes, I found the hotel very easily myself right off the highway. I live in Manchester and it only took me an hour to get here.

E.P.: Good. I know some of our people from Boston and Portland said the same thing to me.

C.E.: Nice job on the cost also. I saw the bill for this entire day and you did a great job staying below the budget. I know that couldn't have been easy for our large group. I've put together several NH Business Functions.

E.P.: Actually, it was easy because this hotel has the lowest prices I could find anywhere on the Seacoast. The travel cost for all of our associates is also down because of the central location.

C.E.: What about lunch? What are we doing for food?

E.P.: When I started dealing with the hotel, they said they don't have an exclusive caterer but I had the hotel get us the drinks and snacks during the meetings then they suggested a few local places for lunch. We ended up going with a local restaurant that will be bringing the food shortly.

C.E.: Sounds good. You know I think I actually had a meeting here before with my Rotary club, I had forgotten how great this hotel is for NH Business Functions.

E.P.: In this big room? That's a big Rotary Club.

C.E.: No, actually the conference center has a couple of other smaller rooms for smaller groups.

E.P.: I thought you were from the Manchester area.

C.E.: Yes, I am but sometimes we have New England Regional meetings in different areas. So, people were traveling from far away for the meeting and having it at a place that has hotel rooms on site made it very convenient for everyone.

E.P.: How were the hotel rooms here?

C.E.: They are all suites here. They were nice. My suite was very big. I have done a lot of traveling and the suites here are bigger than most hotel rooms. They have all different types of set ups to accommodate people that traveled together and those of us that traveled alone.

E.P.: I thought big groups like that had meetings in big cities at large hotels.

C.E.: Some groups do but we try to be efficient with our money. We didn't want to pay the extra taxes in the big city nor did we feel it made sense in this economy to pay for anything extra we didn't really need.

E.P.: What about after the meeting was finished? What did you do around here?

C.E.: That was a really nice part. A couple of us went down to the beach and ate at a great seafood restaurant. This place is so close to the highway you forget how close you are to the Atlantic Ocean also.

E.P.: Wow, that's right. I hadn't thought about that benefit of holding the meeting here.

C.E.: Bottom line, nice work planning and pulling off another one of your successful NH Business Functions. Good job!

NH Business Functions