NH Convention Center

NH Convention Center

New Hampshire is a great location for a convention if you want to get a group of like-minded individuals together without spending a fortune. Just north of the New Hampshire-Massachusetts state line, in Seabrook, NH, is a small NH Convention Center called the Hampshire Inn and Conference Center. Groups like Star Fleet—an organization of people who enjoy Star Trek television shows and movies—and Destination Imagination, a school program to develop young minds, have been holding their gatherings at this NH Convention Center for years.

These groups and many others have benefited from the Hampshire Inn's meeting spaces, the large function rooms and hotel rooms. Star Fleet uses the largest space, called the Congressional Room, to hold their big meetings and build their 32-foot-long replica of the bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise. They enjoy the ability to build their stage floor in an area that can be used for meetings and meals during the weekend-long convention. Members of Star Fleet check into a hotel room a couple of days before the convention to set up and to indulge in the amenities the hotel has to offer, such as the pool, spa and fitness room.

Destination Imagination has used numerous spaces within the NH Convention Center to hold meetings, strategize and practice for their fierce competitions. Members of this groups travel from far away to compete against other schools in various exercises designed to promote out-of-the-box thinking for young students. Parents of the competitors have appreciated being able to be nearby in the hotel while their children solve complex problems.

Groups which want to hold a convention in a big city can do so to attract many participants, but those who wish to avoid the high costs associated with these locations appreciate the benefits of this NH Convention Center. The Hampshire Inn and Conference Center has 35 sleeping suites in the hotel. 18 of these are family suites with two queen beds, and 17 are business suites with a queen bed and full-size sofa bed. The Convention itself can be larger, but more than 75 beds allows a nice-size group to stay on the property.

Some conventions have also taken advantage of the multiple meeting rooms in the NH convention center for breakout sessions or smaller focused gatherings within the larger meeting. Sessions can start in the Congressional Room (2,000 square feet and up to 175 people in theater-style seating), then divide into smaller rooms such as the Senate Room (750 square feet), or the Caucus Room (330 square feet) for more intimate meetings. The Senate Room holds 60 people comfortably in theater style. The Caucus Room holds 25 people comfortably in theater style or 18 people around a boardroom table setup.

Before, during and after the gathering this NH Convention Center enables the participants to enjoy the Seacoast with its many different activities all year round. From the Atlantic Ocean just 10 minutes to the east to numerous restaurants within a five-minute drive, the group has a lot of choices for additional entertainment outside the convention.